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John Cassin

Commodore John Cassin

Founded in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., the Georgetown Trading Co. is a producer of specialty, premium whiskies and alcoholic beverages. The company mission is to bring consumers an array of unique and high quality products made in partnership with award winning producers from around the world.

As the owner and creator of iconic brands that connect with consumers and stand the test of time, the Georgetown Trading Co. proudly crafts products that possess distinctive flavor profiles and guaranteed supply for valued partners around the world through contract distillation agreements, large stocks of whiskey, and proprietary production methods.


Amir Peay

Amir Peay

Founded by entrepreneur Amir Peay, the title of the company draws on the historic nature of the Georgetown neighborhood and Amir's own family roots in our nation's capital. Georgetown served as the main trading port for Colonial DC, and Amir's fifth great-grandfather (Captain John Cassin) fought in the American Revolution alongside George Washington, then co-founded the Navy Yard in DC where he was involved in trading barrels of whiskey in Georgetown (at the price of 52 cents per gallon for "good whisky").

Amir's fascination and appreciation for food and drink grew out of his experiences as a young man, when he spent many years working in the restaurant and bar business. After graduating from the University of California in Santa Barbara, he began publishing his magazine "Wine & Dine Santa Barbara", covering the dynamic restaurant scene and wine country found in California's central coast. After moving back to Washington, DC, and developing an affinity for fine whiskey, Amir founded the Georgetown Trading Co., combining his passion for crafting great spirits along with his other entrepreneurial passion of creating great brands.

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